How To Mod GTA 5 Xbox One? Explained All Methods 2024

You’ve probably heard of “modding” if you’ve spent time online or played games on the Xbox One. Due to the fact that the term “modding” is used to describe a wide range of things, it may be unclear. It generally refers to modifying a certain thing. However, using the phrase “modding” to describe these things isn’t incorrect because it’s just a general term you might not comprehend if you don’t understand the context. So Let’s first discuss what modding, the umbrella phrase, actually entails and everything related to the query.

Modifying hardware or software to make it function differently or accomplish a task that was not intended initially is known as modding. Modifying isn’t just for technology but also applies to several other things. For example, cars can be modified with new paint or engine tuning to perform differently. But in this post, we’ll focus on the technological aspects of modding. We’ll talk and learn about how to mod GTA 5 Xbox one. Although the process is not simple, it can be completed if the steps aren’t carefully followed.

Can you Mod GTA 5 Xbox One? What are the prerequisites?

Generally, it is impossible to mod any game on Xbox and other console devices. One of the primary purposes of designing these consoles was to keep them cheat-free and avoid modding or tampering with the games or software. But even still, there is a hack that might help you to achieve your goal. Remember that there are several methods to accomplish this, but we will try to keep it simple so that even a non-specialist can understand and work through it. In addition, this isn’t recommended since the Xbox One isn’t made for it.

If you are on Xbox, you won’t need anything else besides your console and controller. You’ll need to remember some information, so it’s better you get a pen and paper. But make sure that you are disconnected from the internet when you attempt this. This is advised because what we are trying to do here doesn’t actually coincide with Xbox’s legal terms & conditions, so if they notice something, you might get a warning or even a ban. So make sure to disconnect your ethernet or turn off the wifi if you are connected through that.

How to Mod GTA 5 Xbox One?

Let’s learn how to mod the classic game GTA 5 on your Xbox. If you carefully follow these steps, you will successfully achieve your goal:

  • Step 1: Launch GTA 5 on your computer

Note: After closing the game, launch the GTA 5 application to keep it running in the background. Go through this method to ensure the software is still flawlessly functional before you edit it on your Xbox One.

  • Step 2: Launch Xbox One in step two, then go to settings.

NoteLaunch your Xbox One next and touch on the Settings menu in the lower-left corner of your screen after keeping the game open in the background (notice that you only need to keep the app open; you do not need to play the game).

  • Step 3: Choose Network Settings.

Note: You can choose the Network Settings menu after completing the prior procedures. You may then select Manual under DNS settings from there. This is where you need to modify the software and rewrite it.

  • Step 4Enter the precise numbers mentioned.

Note: The next step is to enter the precise numbers 202-121-85-190 in the “Primary IPv4 DNS” bar on your screen. If you don’t want to run into any problems, please ensure you type the same digits.

  • Step 5: Enter the Secondary IPv4 DNS. 

Note: The Secondary IPv4 DNS is 8-8-4-4; you must enter it now. The final step is launching the GTA 5 application on your Xbox One. You’ll discover a new menu with more recent and superior selections. Your modification is effective if you find this menu in GTA 5.

How to Mod GTA 5 with a USB?

Following these instructions will help you modify GTA 5 on your Xbox One system. To avoid confusion, carefully follow the instructions. Also, keep in mind that GTA 5’s terms and conditions prohibit this procedure; thus, you risk having access to the GTA 5 website blocked. So with that in mind, let’s move forward and learn the method:

How to Mod GTA 5 with a USB
How to Mod GTA 5 with a USB
  • Step 1Turn off the GTA 5 app on your Xbox.
  • Step 2: Go to your profile’s Network options section > Advanced Settings.

NoteRepeat the earlier sections of this article’s instructions, navigate to Advanced settings and select the DNS settings option.

  • Step 3: Select Manual and enter the required digits.

Note: Enter 202-121-85-190 in the Primary DNS settings and 8-8-4-4 in the Secondary DNS settings columns under the manual option.

  • Step 4Open the GTA 5 app on your Xbox One right now to witness the menu changes for yourself.


By now, you know the complete procedure to go through the mod GTA 5 modding process. This modification process is quite simple if you take some precautions and carefully follow a few steps. There is still a chance for some errors, but if you visit the modding community, you might find solutions for all your problems and issues. Moreover, as stated before, performing this action will put you at a high risk of being banned since the Xbox legal terms and conditions are against modding or tampering with games and software in any way.

So, only proceed if you want to perform modding of any game. Of course, you can opt for some safety measures like disconnecting from the internet or using a VPN (you’ll have to use the forward port on your router and modify it to have a VPN accessible as Xbox doesn’t support VPN). Even if you adopt these strategies, there will be no confirmation that you can safely perform modding. The best method advised is to mod only on PC, but it depends on you and how to mod the GTA 5 Xbox one on PC or other computing devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install mods on Xbox One?

Mods aren’t allowed on Xbox One. Still, you can install some mods on Xbox One if you find access to critical files. Remember, you must read this entire post to discover two methods or modes for the Xbox One console.

Can you use GTA 5 Cheats Xbox One?

Yes, you can use GTA 5 cheats on Xbox one and mod it. All you have to do is to find the access keys and enter primary and secondary DNS keys into the Network section. Read this post to discover the whole method in detail.

How do I enable cheats on Xbox one?

To access the cheat menu on Xbox One, Series S, or Series S, press and hold LT + RT + LB + RB for a few seconds. When the cheat menu pops up, type testing cheats to turn on the cheats and save settings.

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