How To Get GTA 5 On Nintendo Switch For Free? Explained 2024

Gaming is a pleasant and social way to pass the time. It promotes cooperation and skill development. One of the iconic gaming series’ installments that took the world by storm is GTA 5 since this element is unique and distinctive. The action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto V was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. In September 2013, it was made available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in November 2014 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and in April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

They must pull off a series of risky heists to survive in a brutal city where they can’t trust anyone, least of all each other, when an early-age street hustler and a frightening psychopath find themselves tangled up with some of the most terrifying and demented factors in the criminal world, the U.S. government, and the entertainment industry. Because it’s the first game in the trilogy to feature such serious gameplay, the passage will live on in my memory forever. You must know how to get GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch for free if you truly want to enjoy it.

What does this game offer?

Players can explore the acclaimed worlds of Los Santos and Blaine County in resolutions up to 4K and beyond at 60 frames per second. This game offers players a vast array of PC-specific customization options, including support and comprehensive modification for mouse and keyboard controls, as well as over 25 separate adjustable options for features that make up shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing, and more. Additional features include plug-and-play controller support, double and quadruple monitor assistance, 3D compatibility, and a population density slider to regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Some additional features of GTA 5 Switch version 2.3.5 include as follows:

  1. No need for jailbreak or custom firmware.
  2. Compatible with jailbroken OEM Nintendo Switch devices.
  3. Can be used with or without SD.
  4. Playable on a handheld device, a tablet, and TV mode
  5. Protect your progress by securing data in the cloud. 
  6. Last updated on 4th Feb 2022.

What are the minimum system requirements for GTA 5?

We advise you to become familiar with the system prerequisites and details of the repack before installing the game for free, which are given below: 

Factor Windows
OS Windows 64-bit Vista, 7 to 11
Processor AMD Phenom 9850, 3 Intel Core 2 Q6600 processors, or higher
RAM  4GB (minimum)
GPU Radeon HD 4870, GeForce 9800 GT video card, or higher
Available storage 6.65GB (minimum)
Sound card Supporting supports DirectX 9.0c

How to get GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch for free?

To play GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a Wii U, a Nintendo Switch with the most recent firmware, and a Nintendo e-Shop account. On the Nintendo website, download the most recent firmware for the Nintendo Switch. To offer the simplest, most user-friendly experience, Nintendo always strives to enhance the performance of its systems and services. They support these initiatives and provide online access to Nintendo Switch system upgrades. The most recent system update is frequently downloaded immediately when the Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet.

In short, you have to install GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch to get the game on the console. Suppose you don’t know how to install the game. In such a case, the following section with an in-detailed installation process explained is for you. Let’s check it out!

Method 1: Install GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch via direct downloading.

I believe it’s time to find out if Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the Nintendo Switch now that the console has been available for a little over a year. The game debuted on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and was a major hit, selling over 80 million copies across all platforms. I anticipate that the game will be released on the Switch as early as next year, though it is still to be seen if this will impact the demand for the Nintendo Switch.

Games like LA Noire and The Witcher 3 will be an excellent fit for Nintendo Switch owners eager to play Grand Theft Auto because the console has a wide range of entertainment alternatives for younger players. Do you want to learn how to install GTA V on the Nintendo Switch without paying anything? This post will serve as a comprehensive how-to manual and show you all the available options. Follow these steps to install the game:

  • Step 1Download the GTA 5 Installer setup > Save it.
  • Step 2: Open the Game Installer > click Next > choose the directory where you want to install it. 
  • Step 3Run the game > enjoy playing it.  

Note: If an internet connection is required, connect your device to the Internet. 

You can participate in robberies and shootouts as part of the risky missions in GTA 5. The more challenging it will be to flee, the greater your desire. Even though GTA 5 is completely explorable, you should get involved in the plot to gain access to more stuff. The map has various transportation options, including walking, swimming, and flying. Driving is still the primary method of exploring the map, so purchase a fantastic vehicle.

Method 2: Install GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch via the Eshop

Now, it’s time to discover another way to download and install GTA 5 using Eshop. Let’s explore the whole method step-by-step without further due!

  • Step 1: Grab the switch > turn on the television.
  • Step 2Start on your Nintendo Switch > visit the online store > scroll down > select the Redeem Codes menu. 
  • Step 3: Enter the complete e-shop code you obtained from > start downloading the game.

Method 3: Alt-SysMod is being downloaded.

The SysMod team wants to enable more participation in the community to serve it better. A unique system element for the Nintendo Switch that supports external peripherals, I discovered Alt-SysMod to be the first and simplest mod tool to get Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Nintendo Switch. GTA 5 is only available on the Nintendo Switch because of the modifying program Alt-SysMod, supported by both producers and consumers.

The Alt-SysMod tool can be downloaded for free from the net or purchased for just $12.99 when used with the Alt-Sys Box CD. Please do not attempt to obtain the Alt-SysMod utility in any other manner, as this is the only authorized way. The newest platform from Nintendo, the Switch, does not support GTA 5 at this time. However, you can still play it in its entirety for free. So, Alt-SysMod is being downloaded.

What should I know first when I play GTA 5?

The game has a fantastic plot that will transport you to a different life and give you a chance to live it. Like in real life, every character in the game is distinct and unusual. The fifth installment in the well-known Grand Theft Auto series, GTA5, was made available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Players complete missions in the hugely well-liked third-person shooter by operating vehicles, using weapons and accomplishing goals. It is strongly advised that you play the game using a steering wheel.


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In conclusion, one of the iconic gaming series installments that took the world by storm is GTA 5. This element is unique and distinctive. In the new game world, you will witness something that Rockstar did not show in its earlier series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to get GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch for free. In this essay, I wanted to mention the Switch Pro Controller one last time because it plays a vital role.

This is a valid point, but please be aware that the equipment or the firmware is in no way to blame for it. The controller does support motion controls. However, I find it very challenging to maintain my balance when playing motion-controlled games like Red Steel 2. Others undoubtedly perform better, but given that using this controller with Fortnite is one of my favorite aspects of using it, it seems terrible that it can’t be used more frequently elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GTA free on Nintendo Switch?

No, the GTA isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch. But you can use subtle tweaks and methods to play GTA using Nintendo Switch. You must check this post to review all the procedures and install the game without any hustle.

How much of a download is GTA on Switch?

The total size of GTA The Trilogy is 25.4GB. But it may vary depending on the version you download or where you download it.

Can you download GTA on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can download GTA on Nintendo Switch. You can download the direct website from Eshop or try the Alt-SysMod method to install it. If you want to know each method in detail, check this article.

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