This is the fear that inhibits ex-felons from beginning a new life. The government has tried its best to help them by providing free money for ex-felons. There are grant programs to give free grant money for ex felons. The life of an ex-prisoner could be unfathomably difficult if they do not receive a helping hand.

Whether you spent a month in prison or 10 years, you’d never be viewed the same way in public as earlier. With imprisonment comes humungous amounts of tags and stereotypes. If you think life after you’ve finished your sentence would return to normal, you’re mistaken.

From the moment they step out of prison after having finished their punishment period, their hardships continue to increase. The belief that a prisoner will always be a felon prevails in society. This certainly makes it extremely difficult for ex-felons to begin a new chapter in their lives. Thus, to make life easier, there are some ex-felon assistance programs that you can take help.

Today we are going to talk about government benefits for felons that include free money for ex-felons. Those who need cash can check out all the second chance grants for felons programs being run by the government. If you are facing difficulties while reintegrating into the society that you left, you are at the right place. Uncover the secrets of the government grants for convicted felons with this article.

The Need For Free Money For Ex-Felons

Getting back from prison to the society that you left is a challenging task in itself. The hardships increase by multiple folds if there is no one and nothing that you can rely upon. For times and people like these, the federal government has taken good care by providing free money for ex-felons.

Though you’ve been accused of a felony previously, it is in the past. Now you’ve repented of the act and have legally finished a punishment term for the same. You deserve a second chance to begin your life with a new turn. Society makes it a difficult task to even think about new beginnings, let alone help you with it.

Section 8 assistance for felons

Government grants for ex felons

Post imprisonment, you need to sustain the life that you have. You need to grab that free money for ex-felons to stand back up on your feet. You need to go back to those old ways wherein things were right. For that, the federal grants for felons are your only savior.

It is difficult to get your job back after serving time in prison. And so is getting a new one or a new degree. Several ex-prisoners struggle to get a normal life back. The free money for ex-felons is a great initiative to have started. You can use this money to:

  • Start your one small business
  • Start a non-profit organization
  • Get a degree that you want
  • Social or scientific research
  • Initiate a charity
  • Getting some property for commercial or personal purposes.

housing assistance for felons

Financial Aid For Ex-Felons

One of the major issues faced by the ex-felons is that of finances. They find it difficult to get any financial help from anyone around right after they come out of prison. They can help you get free money for ex-felons, free clothes, food, job, transportation, and several other benefits.

  • Catholic Charities :- Here you can find resources to start your new life. You can get guidance, support, housing aid, education, and employment aid. They help all kinds of felons and even provide free money for ex-felons. Catholic charities are very accepting and helpful towards ex-felons who wish to repent their wrongdoings.
  • Fortune Society :- Another helping hand for all the ex-felons, this very organization is known to help those residing in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island. The assistance given is along the same lines as others. They also provide housing aid, employment, education, etc. they help these people smoothly reintegrate into society.
  • Prison Fellowship :- A nationwide program working for ex-felons, this one is for those seeking guidance for reentry into society without much hassle. This one helps the ex-felons financially and socially. Prison fellowship runs reentry programs that make sure that the rate of reoffence by ex-felons is reduced. They help them gain employment, education and lead a healthy life.
  • Delancey Street Foundation :- This foundation is responsible for carrying out reformational programs for ex-felons. They help ex-felons get back to a normal life with transitional homes, free money for ex-felons, and much more. Those in and near New Mexico, California, North Carolina, and New York City can apply for this program and avail of its benefits

Housing Assistance For Ex-Felons

Besides giving out free cash to those heading out of prison, the government has made sure they get help with housing. Once the felon is out of prison, getting themselves a roof over their head is equally important as getting food and a job. So, it’s not just free money for ex-felons, but assistance in a variety of aspects.

Charities in the States help these people with temporary housing solutions. The federal government has provisions for grants for felons to buy a home. You can check out transitional housing plans being laid out by several agencies. Religious places like churches are being held transformed to help the needy.

There are programs that help people rent out apartments at the lowest possible prices. Not only this, if you search for ‘housing assistance for felons near me’, you can get hundreds of opportunities. The programs actively providing free money for ex-felons also have a provision for fulfilling their basic needs like housing, food, clothing, etc.

  • Housing And Urban Development

You can locate emergency housing for felons under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Under the influence of all of these ex-felon assistance programs, the burden of setting up a new life for you is eased a little off of your shoulders.

HUD provides aid in affordable housing transitional homes, homes for low-income individuals and families, and a lot more. There could be a few restrictions and regulations considering the criminal record in your name. But, the housing aid by this bid is by far the most preferred.

There’s another aid available besides free money for ex-felons in the name of reentry homes. These are specifically designed and run for ex-felons and those having issues finding homes. As the issue of eviction and unsafe housing is on an all-time rise, the reentry programs have been a savior.

If you’re thinking of where to find these reentry homes, you should check out Volunteers of America(VOA). They supply several services for ex-felons and low-income individuals. So, don’t wait any further and avail the benefits at VOA. You can locate all sorts of housing requirements. They provide transitional homes, shelter homes, victim support services, and case management.

This is an autonomous recovery housing service provider. They count on all those seeking a fresh start in life. Be it a substance abuse victim or an ex-felon, they welcome everyone. Though they might give free money for ex-felons, they surely have the solution to your housing problems. These are essentially free accommodations and the felon can apply for other financial assistance for released prisoners programs.

Job And Educational Assistance For Ex-Felons

Getting back to your education or the job that you left is essentially impractical to dream about. If you’ve committed a crime and have served in prison for the same, you can’t get a job just like that. You will have to apply for an assistance program powered by the government. Only then can you apply for a job or that degree you wish to take up and finish.

While there are several programs that give grant money for released prisoners, those aiding in education and profession are lesser. Here are a few programs that can help you get back on your feet without much hassle.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a program sharply aiding in job and placement services. The services of this program are effective and highly preferred. Those who understand, know that it is best to put their free money for ex-felons in education and job training. This way you can expect the most practical returns on your invested money.

This program helps individuals take up several skill training programs, get adept in interview skills, hone them educationally, and whatnot. They help the individual grow in an all-rounded manner.

this is one of the components of the WIOA program. This one is essentially developed for those above 18 years of age. They assist in providing basic education, basic skills, job training, and support services for ex-felons. The free money for ex-felons goes into their grooming and they get a job at the end of the program. The likelihood of receiving a job offer increases by multiple folds.

The Dislocated Worker Program is also an assistance program for ex-felons. Under this program, you can avail several benefits of financial aid, support services, and government grants.  Similarly, the Youth Program is for those between the age group 14-24. They are assisted in education, job training, and getting them skilled enough to earn and sustain.

  • One Stop Center Workforce Development Programs

if you’re looking for a helping hand for landing yourself a job, this is the program for you. They help in career counseling, job training, support services, and job placement services. The Department of Labor grants for felons are being issued under this program.

if you’re thinking of free money for ex-felons, you cannot miss the federal pell grant. This one has existed for the longest time and has helped millions. This one, as you might be aware, provides free money for college or technical school.

If you’re interested in continuing or pursuing higher education to begin a new chapter, you can apply for the pell grant. You can avail your expenditure on tuition, supplies, computers, and other needs while you pursue your studies.

  • Job Corps Helps Ex-Felons

this is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of ex-felons. They provide assistance with education, internships, mentorship, job training, job placement, and a lot more. For those under the age group of 16-24, this is a golden opportunity to get their hands on it.

Transportation Assistance

Along with educational, professional, and free money for ex-felons, there are certain programs that help these people with transportation. The government has well considered the neediness of commute and transport of ex-felons. It has put in place some transportation assistance programs, here take a look at them.

  • Goodwill Industries Reentry Programs :- These programs are well suited for all the ex-felons. They provide gas cards, transport vehicles, affordable commute services, car repairs, and even bus passes. These services started out as a helping hand for ex-felons to break the employment barriers.
  • Wheels To Work :- This is a free used car program that helps ex-felons choose affordable transport options. You can obtain a driver’s license with the help of this non-profit program. You can apply for car insurance, buy used or new cars, get loans, and much more with the help of this program.

Government Grants For Ex-Felons

The government of the United States has given special consideration to those who complete their punishment sentence in prison. These people, the ex-felons are helped by the government programs in every way possible. They are given free money for ex-felons, given assistance in housing and transportation as we’ve already seen.

Apart from these programs that are discussed above, there are some government schemes along the same lines. So if you are wondering, can convicted felons get government assistance? your answer is yes!

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) :- Though not primarily initiated for ex-felons, this one assists low-income families with food and nutritional needs. The eligibility criterion for this one can be checked on the website. It might vary from state to state or city to city
  • Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) :- The TANF scheme is for those seeking financial assistance, in short, free money for ex-felons. This one is, again, build for low-income families. But, if you fulfill the eligibility criterion, you can get the benefits for yourself.
  • Reentry And Employment Opportunities (REO) :- Administered by the Department of Labor, this program helps ex-felons become self-sufficient. The program is a one-stop destination for those waiting to get back into society smoothly.
  • National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) :- Financial counseling, free money for ex-felons, budgeting, career counseling, employment assistance, and mental health support are some features of this program.

Conclusion :-

With that being said, we are leaving you with a lot of information on how ex-felon can spruce up their lives. All these government and non-profit programs can take you a long way if you’re looking for free money for ex-felons. If you found this information helpful, let us hear from you.


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