We bow and respect all the single moms out there. Being a single mother is not at all a conventional and easy task. You get bombarded with numerous daily hardships and having no income could be one of them. While there is nothing people can really do about it, there is a provision for housing for single moms with no income. Programs are being run by the government in order to help all those single moms struggling to raise their children.

Raising children in this fast-paced, utterly expensive world gets parents thinking about their choices. Paying for school, house, sports, and other expenses, parents have to cut down on their expenses. This is the only way out for all the parents.

Now, if we were to consider single moms who do not have a stable source of income, we’d be in tears. No child deserves to feel homeless and unwanted, but such circumstances make them live on the edge. This is why government help for single mothers with no income is here. If you are a single mother and are looking for housing for single moms with no income, you’ve reached the right page.

Here, we are going to talk everything about housing for single moms with no income. Multiple programs that come across as a helping hand in terms of free housing for single mothers with no income will be discussed. Moreover, read on to know how you can avail yourself of these benefits.

First Time Home Buyer Grants For Single Moms

HUD Housing For Single Moms With No Income

The government of the United States has made it a point to take care of its populace in the best possible way. It has left no stone unturned in minimizing the difficulties of those who are unable to sustain their income or have no income at all.

Emergency housing for single moms with no income

As per the statistics, 20%-30% of single mothers fall below the poverty line. Poverty is one thing, not having any source of income while having a child to feed and raise is another. Thus, the government schemes of housing for single moms with no income make sure there is a roof over their heads.

The Housing and Urban Development Department of the US government provides safe and affordable housing for single moms with no income. There is also a provision to get free housing for single mothers. Government help for single mothers is extended in the shape of apartments that are affordable and sustainable. Major applicants for the program are single mothers, low-income families, ex-felons, individuals with no income, and many more.

Apartments for Homeless People

How Does It Work?

The HUD department has been giving out apartments or housing for single moms with no income for free and at affordable prices. Though the programs are open to a huge populace with certain conditions, single mothers are likely to get the approval. For this, you need to check all the boxes of the criterion mentioned for the housing scheme.

The eligibility criterion has to do with your income status, location, family size, etc. You need to provide proof of all of this information and wait for approval. The income limits and criteria are subject to vary based on the location of residence. So, visit the HUD website or ask your housing agent to confirm the requirements for you.

Talking about the working of the entire system, the Housing Choice Voucher program is the soul of the program. The rental payment directly to the landlords is handled by the Public Housing Agencies(PHAs). These guys will help you get housing for single moms with no income.

Free Home Repair Grants

How To Apply Housing For Single Moms With No Income?

Contact your nearest housing agency or agent and tell them about your situation completely. The housing agencies can help you grab the best opportunities off of the free housing assistance for single moms.

The first thing they’ll do is hand out an application form to you. You need to fill out that form to get housing for single moms with no income. This form will contain your contact details, your living circumstances, landlords, income details, etc.

After filling out the form, your HA will check all your details and see if you are eligible. You need to appear for an interview with this HA for discussing further procedures. If your application gets accepted, you have to sign the lease and make the security deposit.

Free Hotel Vouchers For Homeless

The rental amount or the down payment of the house, if any, will be discussed with you. Post completion of all the formalities, the HA will check with you every 12 months if the eligibility still remains. It is more likely to get housing for single moms with no income than for a two-parent household.

Programs That Help Housing For Single Moms With No Income

Housing Choice Voucher Program

This program, also known as the Section 8 vouchers is also a helpful government assistance for single mothers. This is a kind of housing subsidy rather than a full-fledged free housing program for single mothers. So, if you are looking for housing for single moms with no income, this could be on your list.

The program includes the following housing options for its applicants:-

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Single-family houses
  • Multi-family homes
  • Mobile houses

The program requires you to find an owner who supports the cause. They will be paid directly by the PHA. If you find someone, let your HA know about it, from here, they will take care of housing for single moms with no income. 

Section 8 Accepted Landlords

Rent-To-Own Assistance

This is another program of housing for single moms with no income. Although this one was initiated for low-income families, single mothers can grab this opportunity without any hassle. This one comes under the Housing Choice Homeownership Program. Some PHAs involve this program in their services.

The Chicago Housing Authority offers a program called the Choose to Own Homeownership Program(CTO). Low-income families can avail the benefits of this program and get a subsidy while buying or renting a home.

Choose To Own Homeownership Program(CTO) helps with the following things:-

  • The house income is between 50-80% of the median income of the area.
  • Gets the applicants a good credit score history with upto 640 credit points.
  • Help them maintain a good stance with the housing authorities and the landlords.
  • $1000 for emergency repairs in the house.

low income housiing with no waiting list in illinois

Mercy Housing Assistance

This one has set its mark among more than 152,000 low-income households. And so will it do by providing housing for single moms with no income. It provides safe and hassle-free rental housing assistance to all the single mothers out there. Mercy Housing is essentially a non-profit organization that has been aiding seniors, single mothers, and low-income households for years.

Churches that help with rent for poor people

The organization covers the following locations in the United States:-

  • California
  • Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana
  • Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Utah.
  • Washington and Idaho
  • Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


Above, we have discussed most of the government-aided programs that provide housing for single moms with no income. These programs have been a big hit considering the demand in the country.

Several single mothers have got a roof over themselves and their children’s heads with the help of these programs. If you are one such lady, you should not let go of this opportunity. And if you find this space helpful, we’d love to hear it from you.


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